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October 27, 2006

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Jason Gurney of fame dropped a phenomenal, chart-topping, interactive Golden State Warriors preview for the 2006-07 NBA Blog Previews. Your boys at GSoM thought the best contribution we could make to the legendary NBA Blog Previews would be to drop a little WikiWarriors segment. Think of it as a Wikipedia style preview of the Warriors. If you click and read every link, this preview should take you, oh- 12 hours to read (in honor of the Warriors playoff drought!). Here goes…

Golden State of Mind’s 2006- 07 Golden State Warriors Preview


Last Years Record: 34-48 (one of the Hypeless Losers of 2005-2006)
Key Losses:

Key Additions

What significant moves were made during the offseason?
Let’s see…

Okay, so none of those trades went down. This is virtually the same roster that drove fans crazy last year plus a player who might get sent down to the NBDL (Notorious POB) and a comeback player who’s got a nice little floater. Good thing our Vice President didn’t  romise any changes… oh wait, he did.

In the 2006 NBA Draft Chris Mullin and his crew (there’s no bigger old boy network in the NBA right now than the Warriors’ front office) elected to take not one, but two big man projects in Patrick O’Bryant aka The Chef and Kosta Perovic aka Kosta Coast. Warriors Nation wasn’t that pleased, but you can bet Coach Nelson was even less impressed.

Oh well, at least now we’ve got Nelly– ooops, I mean Nellie.

What are the team’s biggest strengths?

What are the team’s biggest weaknesses?

  • Defense: There isn’t one above average defender on this roster aside from maybe Mickael Pietrus who has yet to become a consistent defensive force in this league
  • Free throws aren’t free: There’s some ghastly shooting on display at the charity stripe every night at the Arena
  • Falling in love with the 3pt ball: Baron’s in love with jacking up 3’s when triple teamed and Dunleavy can’t knock them down when he’s completely wide open
  • On court leadership: B Diddy couldn’t handle all the pressure last season, JRich is a quiet leader who leads by example, and Dunleavy likes to talk, but hasn’t walked the walk to talk the talk yet. Maybe it’s time to bring in Charles Oakley.
  • Unathletic front court: The Troy Murphy-Mike Dunleavy 4/5 combo scares nobody… except Warriors Nation.
  • Injuries galore: These Warriors aren’t exactly built Ford tough.
  • A stubborn insistence to forever justify drafting Mike Dunleavy #3 overall in the 2002 NBA Draft and giving him that ridiculous 44 million dollar 5 year extension (see 44 Reasons why giving Mike Dunleavy 44 million wasn’t the brightest idea Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV )
  • Contracts that even Dolan’s Knicks wouldn’t take on:
    • Adonal Foyle: 6 years $42 million
    • Mike Dunleavy: 5 years $44 million
    • Troy Murphy: 6 years $58 million
  • The NBA’s most inept owner in Chris Cohan (SELL THE WARRIORS!)

What are the goals for this team?
There’s this rumor going around in the Bay Area that the NBA season doesn’t stop in early April. That’s basically it: playoff action in the Bay Area. It’s that simple. Nellie’s got one million reasons to take us there too. Plus, the Magic 8 Ball is saying YES!

Got any more links for us?
Just one more:

Predicted Record:

  • 41-41 as presently constituted with an injury free season
  • 34-48 as presently constituted with significant injuries
  • 45-37 with a few trades for some shooters and an athletic 4 or 5 near the
    February trade deadline

Golden St. Warriors –

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