Friends of NBA Blog Previews

The general arrangement of this blog is that participating blogs link to the other sites entries. Pretty simple and easy. On the other hand, there are some blogs that are participating and contributing above and beyond what was expected.

Here are a few: – delivering its usual stats, facts, and pretty graphs

Basketball Jones – Will be releasing a podcast preview following the same type of format (asking bloggers from each team to call in with their predictions)

HoopsAddict – More podcast predictions!

thehype – gives new meaning to the term “sketch comedy”

Thanks for the support guys!


3 Responses to Friends of NBA Blog Previews

  1. Hoops Addict says:

    thanks for the mention Jeff! If people want to save the time for searching around my site they can check out the Training Camp Rundown podcasts by going to

  2. TheHype says:

    No problemo Jeff! It’s all about the wordsmiths out there, so it’s really you guy that inspire me 🙂

  3. TheHype says:

    *you guys* … clearly, I’m not one of those wordsmiths…

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