30 Teams in 30 Days

September 27, 2006

Welcome to NBA Blog Previews!

To borrow a phrase from Tenacious D: This is not the greatest NBA blog in the world, …this is just a tribute (to many great NBA blogs).

The idea is that there are great NBA blogs by fans of every team (except the Pacers) and every blogger is going to be previewing the upcoming season. We figured we might as well get everyone organized and do this thing together.

The secondary benefit is more exposure for each blog. The one thing bloggers crave most is more readers. So each blog will be linking here and to the other blogs on the list. Readers of one blog can find insight on another blog. So this is also an audition of sorts.

Please enjoy the previews. The first team (the Celts) will be published on Oct. 1st and each day after will feature a new team.

Don’t forget to click the links and visit each team’s website. Remember, this is just a tribute.


Just 15 Days Away

September 15, 2006

This party is ready to get started in 15 days.  Are you pumped yet?  I’m thrilled to see this coming together and can’t wait to read all the previews.

I was think of this a little more and decided that maybe the guidelines are a little too ambitious to pull off the way I originally thought.  In a perfect world, I’d love to see each of you link to the newest posted preview every single day.  That is probably what I’ll do and if you want to do that still, please do!

However, here is my 2nd option (and is mandatory for those wishing to participate!).

Provide at least weekly links to all the previews of that week.  Link directly to the sites with a secondary link to this site.  For example, a post could look like this:

Blogger Previews for the Atlantic Division:

Boston Celtics – CelticsBlog.com, Celtics17 , LOY’s Place
New Jersey Nets – NetsDaily
New York Knicks – benchrenaldo
Philadelphia 76ers – Sixers Shots , Passion & Pride
Toronto Raptors – HoopsAddict
(see all the previews archived here)

Does that work for everyone?  We will set up a email distribution list and send out reminders.

No Pacers Blogs

September 13, 2006

I’ve scoured the web and I can’t find a single Pacers blog that has been updated in the last 3 months.  It is hard to believe such great fans in such a basketball worshiping state cannot put together a half-decent blog for thier team, but oh well.  Perhaps someone will step up once the preseason starts rolling.  If you see a blog like that, please let them know about this site and/or let me know about their blog.

In the meantime, if you are interested in covering for the Pacers, please let me know by posting a comment below. Thanks.

We got someone to fill in for the Pacers previews, but if you’ve started a Pacers blog, leave a note below and we’ll try to get you a link anyway. Seems like the Pacers need all the help they can get.