Filling In The Blanks

If this is your first time to the site, see here for the details.

We still need blog writers for the following teams:

Oct. 7 – Houston Rockets
Oct. 8 – Memphis Grizzlies
Oct. 10 – San Antonio Spurs

Oct. 14 – Indiana Pacers
Oct. 17 – Minnesota Timberwolves
Oct. 23 – Miami Heat
Oct. 24 – Orlando Magic
Oct. 27 – Los Angeles Clippers
Oct. 29 – Phoenix Suns

Some of these missing teams have very solid blogs, so I’m a little surprised that the spots haven’t been filled, but there’s always the chance that people are still on vacation or whatever. Regardless, if I can’t get dedicated bloggers for them by mid month or so, I’ll be looking for volunteers to cover these spots from other blogs.

Update: Yes!  We are full (except the Pacers)


2 Responses to Filling In The Blanks

  1. mrclm says:

    Thanks for the link!

    Big Chris Staff

  2. J.E. Skeets says:

    The fact that there is no Pacers blog angers me.

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