Filling In The Blanks

August 31, 2006

If this is your first time to the site, see here for the details.

We still need blog writers for the following teams:

Oct. 7 – Houston Rockets
Oct. 8 – Memphis Grizzlies
Oct. 10 – San Antonio Spurs

Oct. 14 – Indiana Pacers
Oct. 17 – Minnesota Timberwolves
Oct. 23 – Miami Heat
Oct. 24 – Orlando Magic
Oct. 27 – Los Angeles Clippers
Oct. 29 – Phoenix Suns

Some of these missing teams have very solid blogs, so I’m a little surprised that the spots haven’t been filled, but there’s always the chance that people are still on vacation or whatever. Regardless, if I can’t get dedicated bloggers for them by mid month or so, I’ll be looking for volunteers to cover these spots from other blogs.

Update: Yes!  We are full (except the Pacers)


Hello NBA Bloggers

August 25, 2006

To NBA Bloggers,

Nobody knows your team better than you do, so why would you wait to let some mainstream media shmo screw up your team’s preseason preview?

Most of you are going to be writing preview pieces for your sites anyway.  So in the spirit of the NBA Carnival, I’d like to organize all those NBA Previews written by bloggers like you and I.  Here’s the idea:

We have assigned each NBA team a day.  The site(s) that cover each team can post a team preview on the scheduled day.  Multiple sites can sign up for the same team.  Similar to the Carnival, every participating team will link to the featured team’s preview(s) each day.  30 teams in 30 days (during October).  That means when it is your turn, at least 30 blogs will be linking to you.  How’s that for exposure?

The next day (or soon after), for archiving purposes, we will copy your preview onto this site with a big link to your site at the top of the post.  The reason for the day delay is to make sure that traffic goes to your site first, and then to this one only to find previews that someone has missed.  The purpose of this site will simply be to gather all the previews together in one sortable, searchable place. Participating bloggers should provide a link to this blog as a secondary link.  For example:

Check out the latest NBA Blog Preview by Blog-a-Bull covering the Chicago Bulls.  (see previews to other teams here)

I have drafted up some standard questions to answer as a template but I tried to leave some room for creativity.  If you think that is too confining, feel free to ditch the questions and go with your own style.

Think of this as your audition to attract new readers to your site. 

For example: If your blog is about the Pacers, maybe my Celtics readers won’t be flocking to your site.  However, there are Pacer fans in Boston that could find out about your site as a result of a link from my site.  This is just one of the reasons why blogs are great.  When we support each other, everyone wins.

To sign up:

Just leave a comment on this post below stating your name, email, and blog URLUpdate: If your site isn’t dedicated to one team, please indicate which team you are signing up for.  As you sign up, we will add your name to the schedule.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget to post a preview on the day you are scheduled.  Sound good? 

You can also reach me at CelticsBlog(at)  Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold will be helping out as well.  See, if a Celtic fan and Laker fan can work together, I think we could really make something out of this.

Lets preview the NBA the way it should be done.  Thanks for your time.

Jeff Clark